GenF20 Plus Revealed - Unlock It's Anti-Aging HGH Power

Studies have clearly shown, that when you start producing less HGH it really affects your whole body in many ways, you start to age faster affecting literally every aspect of your life. From your physical appearance like sagging skin and wrinkles on your face, the tone of your muscles, the amount of fat you retain, your sex drive, your energy levels and many more.

When you ask someone what's the most important thing to you the one of the top 3 answers will always be their health! This is where a great HGH supplement can come in to help you out like GenF20 Plus.

Genf20 Plus is there to help you get back those HGH levels you had when you were young, and do so without risking your health in expensive and potentially dangerous injections of synthetic HGH. Genf20 does it in a Natural way to keep and improve your health.

What is GenF20 Plus?

In the past, the only way to increase growth hormone levels was to get a prescription from your doctor and then pay thousands of dollars for the injection treatment and put up with risky side effects. Now, increasing HGH levels is more accessible and safer than ever.  Medical researchers have found that certain combinations of amino acids and nutrients can increase the amount of HGH that our pituitary glands naturally produce.  Of all the HGH releaser supplements, GenF20 Plus is the industry leader.

The maker of GenF20 Plus claims that this supplement can give you all of the benefits of growth hormone supplements, but without the risks or costs.  The benefits are numerous and include:

  • Reduced wrinkles
  • Healthier, thicker hair, skin and nails
  • Increased metabolism
  • Improved energy levels
  • Better mood
  • Improved focus
  • Boosted libido and sexual performance
  • Improved immunity

And this is just the start of the benefits!  Growth hormone is crucial to all of the functions in our body – not just growing.  By taking GenF20 Plus, you can reduced your blood pressure, lower blood sugar levels, treat impotence, heal faster after injuries and get more out of your workouts.

These claims can seem too good to be true.  But all of the GenF20 Plus claims are backed by evidence.  If GenF20 Plus didn’t work, it wouldn’t have lasted over 10 years on the market to become the leading HGH releaser available!

But How Does it Work?

Dr. Recommended

Human growth hormone is made up of 191 amino acids (the building blocks of proteins) and produced by the pituitary gland.  At our peak levels during puberty, we have about 600 ug of HGH.  By the time we reach 60 years old, these levels drop by 85% to just about 90 ug!  If you haven’t been leading a healthy lifestyle, then your HGH levels will drop faster and to even lower levels than desired.

When HGH levels drop, it causes symptoms of (aging like wrinkles, slow metabolism, slow healing, low energy, and low libido).

GenF20 Plus does not contain any HGH.  Instead, it supplements your body with important amino acids and nutrients.  These ingredients build a foundation of support for your pituitary gland so it will be able to naturally make more growth hormone.

With GenF20 Plus, you aren’t going to get overnight results.  You also aren’t going to get the drastic results that come with HGH injections.  However, within 2-3 weeks of taking this potent HGH releaser, you will start to notice the benefits, like better quality hair and nails.

After the ingredients build up in your system and get your pituitary gland in gear, you can count on a full range of great benefits from GenF20 Plus.


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Genf20 Plus Side Effects - Is it safe to take?

It is totally natural and harmless and does not require a prescription at all. You are taken 2 tablets a day like you would your vitamins or other supplements. This goes for a 3 week cycle at which you will start to see the benefits to it as your body begins to take advantage of releasing more hgh into your body.

The GenF20 Plus ingredients are herbs that have been FDA approved and the manufacture facility they are made is also FDA approved. The tables and oral spray have the same benefit as very expensive HGH injections do which are not as safe. So you get the same benefits without the extra cost and needle poking to increase your HGH levels!

GenF20 Plus Ingredient List - How They Work!

You are probably asking yourself what do all of these do and how can they help you. Genf20 is a product that is not just a random mix of herbs wrapped in sugary coat of marketing like many other products today, it is a result of years and years of research and studies.

It has been tried and tested both in clinical studies and in the field by our own customers just like you, who were unsure at first but later came back to thank us for the product. Let's take a look at each one individually.

Most of the ingredients in both have been put there with one idea in mind, and that is to kick start you pineal gland to start producing more HGH!!!

L-arginine 130 mg - L-arginine is an important amino acid that is proven to possibly increase your HGH even in very old age. It is proven to help increase your ability for anaerobic exercises, it also has amazing effect on building muscles, burning fat, overall immunity of your body, fighting cancer cells, improves healing, improves virility in males and many more.

L-Glutamine 115 ml - this is the amino acid that is usually in use by your body, when you are under a lot of stress, and it is one of the most necessary components in your metabolism and in maintaining muscle tone and for cell growth. It is also proven to raise energy and mental levels of all individuals. It is also proven to have many beneficial effects on human body.

100 ml of L-Glycine This is one of the most active components in Genf20. It is responsible for encouraging the pineal gland to create HGH. It is also proven to have calming effects to the brain and has been linked to improve prostate health.

L-Lysine 100mg - included to enhance the power of arginine which has showing to improve it’s effectiveness up to 10 times. It can also help improve your immune system and performance in genital functions!

L-Tyrosine 100mg. This is used by our thyroid to make Thyroxine, which is also one more very important hormone that is proven to help reduce feelings of depression and fatigue. It also improves metabolism rates.

Astragalus 60 mg - Astragalus is a plant that is often used in our culture to improve digestion and metabolism, and enhance the immunity of our systems. It is proven to be helpful in recovering patients in healing wounds. It is also proven to enhance functions of many organ systems like the respiratory, adrenaline and the gastric system.

GABA 50mg - GABA is a famous amino acid known for its powerful effect on the production of the human growth hormone or the HGH. GABA is also a neurotransmitter, improving the communication between neural cells, which in turn improves delivery of neural impulses all over the body, which literally speeds up the whole body and our perception of the world that is around us.

Deer Antler Velvet 50 mg - that contains glucosamine, chondroitin and collagen that help with joint issues.

Colostrum 50 Mg – this has many healing benefits that helps improves your immune system. It also helps promotes lean muscle mass. It’s definitely one of those anti-aging benefits for sure.

L-Valine 40 mg – helps promote muscle metabolism, repair tissue repairs from working out and promotes muscle growth.

Pituitary Powder 30 mg – helps the pituitary gland improve the release of HGH.

Phosphatydil Chlorine 25 mg – It’s an extract from lecithin, which helps the absorption of the other ingredients. Also known to help prevent gallstones, memory issues, liver problems and neurological disorders.

L-Ornithine 25 mg – is more powerful than arginine and amplifies your HGH levels.

GTF Chromium – 0.1 mg – helps move glucose from your blood to your cells which ultimately help lower blood glucose that leads to improving HGH levels.

Why Should I Use It ?

  • Experience looking younger than you were before, a more youthful appearance will also make you feel younger and give you more confidence to do daily tasks better
  • Why would your muscles have to shrink and get smaller, now you can get your muscle tone back and let your body look like it was a lot younger than it actually way, get back in shape and be the envy of everyone you know
  • You will be able to lose fat a lot more easily as your metabolism will get much faster. And not only will you be able to lose fat more easily you won’t be gaining any new even while eating the same, just like old times, whether you want to lose fat, or just enjoy food again without worrying about cholesterol levels, this is a great product for you
  • You will gain the sex drive you have not had in years, who says that as you get older you should have less sex, and less desire for sex. Have that again without artificial products like Viagra.
  • Just an insane amount of energy you will get from using this product, no more naps all day long, that was the old you. Now experience life like when you were young again.
  • In addition, many more benefits like overall better health, and not to mention more confidence, with this product you will be able to feel younger and show that to everyone.

So, Where Can You Buy GenF20 Plus ?

There are several places you can buy it safely. You can buy Genf20 at GNC here and you can also buy Genf20 Plus here at the official site.