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There is no doubt that there are plenty of interesting facts about the discovery and the subsequent use of different HGH treatments. It is a history that is riddled with significant and very interesting developments that have made HGH one of the most talked about things in the medicine and the pharmaceutical fields.

We have decided to give you some insight into this history that will also enable you to realize the place that HGH Supplements has to help you and fight against anti-aging.

It may seem strange, but it was not until the 20th century that the scientists finally learned everything there is to know about HGH, or at least about most of it. Namely, it still not known what are all the beneficial effects that this hormone can play in the human body.


However, we should return to the timeline and give you a few facts about the very beginnings. Namely, in 1920s, it was finally discovered that the human growth hormone plays the crucial role in the growth of individuals during their childhood and later during adolescence. It was also discovered that people with short stature usually had GH deficiency, or GHD that prevented them from growing like the average persons.

However, it took the scientists 30 years to finally obtain enough GH to treat GHD and to enable children with this deficiency to grow properly. In 1950s, a French scientist made this possible by purifying enough GH from the pituitary glands of deceased people in order to treat a boy who suffered from this condition, this deficiency.

The results were great and this has lead to this becoming a common practice. Growth hormone would be obtained from the pituitary glands of deceased people; it would be purified and then injected into people suffering from GHD.

Unfortunately, this process was very complicated and it needed a lot of money to be done. Because of this, there weren’t that many children that were treated this way and this has resulted in less than 30 thousand cases in total, worldwide. In 1970s it was also discovered that some severe conditions can be transmitted this way, which has lead to new purification and extraction methods that prevented this from happening.

The history of HGH and where Genf20 fits inIn 1980s, a new breakthrough was made, when it became possible to synthesize GH using a process called recombinant DNA. This way, it became possible to “grow” HGH and this has lead to a drop in prices and also to better availability of the HGH treatments which still required injections and which still remained very expensive.

It was in 1990s that the medical community discovered the many beneficial properties of HGH that had nothing to do with growth. Once again, the high prices which range between $10,000 and $30,00 for one-year treatment, combined with certain dangers of using HGH injections has prevented HGH from becoming widely used.

Luckily, not long after, HGH releasers became available, which are in fact products which use different natural ingredients to promote the production of HGH in the pituitary glands. This way, you get all the elevated levels of HGH without the dangers of HGH injections and at an immeasurably lower price.

Genf20 Plus and Hypergh 14x are a couple of these products that has become the best HGH releaser on the market that you should consider using when you looking for the best hgh supplements on the market.

What Happens When HGH Levels Decrease?

HGH Supplements on the market today are a result of years of research and careful planning by the world is leading medical experts. Many researchers have proven beyond a doubt that one of the main reasons why the body ages as much as it does is because the overall drop in the human growth hormone (HGH) levels your body experiences over time.

At the age of twenty-five average concentration of HGH in blood are around six hundred units, while at the age of sixty it is around ninety of those same units. This means that for an average person at the age of sixty the body is producing only one seventh of what it used to produce, or less then fifteen percent.

This shocking data was the sole basis for the development of a product like this. Even more shocking recent researches have actually proven, that many people in today’s world, that are not in the situation to exercise regularly or eat as healthy and quality as they should actually reach these low levels as soon as they turn forty!

That means we have 30, 40, 50 and 60 year olds walking around like old men and women, worn down. They are always tired, looking for older then they should be.

The system behind this idea is if we can “jump start” your pituitary gland to start producing the HGH levels like it used to when you were twenty-five, we can reverse many of the aging affects you are currently experiencing.

How Increased HGH Levels Help?

Do not take this the wrong way, you will never be twenty-five, nor will this product replace any broken bones or something like that.

But increased HGH levels will give you a new fire in your life, a feeling like you really are twenty five again, and not only a feeling, your body and mind will be able to keep up with you better, then they have been doing for years.

Once you try this product you will never be able to stop using it, we can bet on that. In addition, one more question we will address here is “why should I use this product and not an artificial HGH injection”. Well there are two answers to this question, first one being purely medical.

When you mess around with your body’s hormones in an artificial way that it cannot recognize, like HGH injections or testosterone ones, you risk that your body will fully stop producing those for a while, and then you accomplished nothing.

The other answer would be that you could not even compare something that was synthesized in a lab with something that is natural, herbal and has been in use by various civilizations for centuries.

These are all tried ingredients combined with some amino acids that are proven to do their “job” also time and time again, and in many case and clinical studies. Natural way to boost HGH levels is always the better option.